Welcome to the Charlotte Celiac Connection. 

Supporting those with Celiac Disease, gluten intolerance and gluten sensitivity.

We focus on providing information, support and a social outlet for those who are required to eat gluten free for any reason! If you have been diagnosed with Celiac disease, gluten intolerance or a gluten allergy then you will want to connect with us either via our Yahoo Group or Facebook or both!   

We are over 700 members strong as of August 2014. 

Janet Kline founded the Charlotte Celiac Connection support group in April 2005 after being diagnosed with Celiac Disease (CD) in October  2003.  This web-site was launched shortly thereafter.  Carol Szer, Vice President, is the mother of Rebecca, who was diagnosed with CD at the age of nine (and now away at college and managing fabulously). Carol has been with our group since the very beginning.  Ruth Madre, Vice President, is also a long time member (since April 2006) and was diagnosed with CD in March 2003. Amy Levy, Vice President, and her son, Ian, were both diagnosed in early 2008.  Each of us has experienced the struggles of managing this complex medical condition and the many challenges it  presents.  We know how important it is to share and learn from each other.  So, we have developed a Yahoo Group which is an electronic place to meet by posting questions, concerns and  learns.  There is no fee to become a member! 

In late 2010, Amy established a Facebook page for our group.  This is a great way to friend businesses that support our gluten-free lifestyle.  You can learn what new products they are offering, new locations and maybe even get coupons.  Make sure you check this out and connect to our Facebook page.

Our group also reaches out to help individuals who have been newly diagnosed by advertising, talking with store  managers, doctors and restaurant managers.  We are driven to increase celiac awareness, raise funds for research  (see figures below) and make a difference in the life of a person diagnosed with celiac disease in Charlotte, NC  area. There is no fee to join and the only cost is your lunch bill!  

Former President and Founder

Janet Kline

Board members

Carol Szer, President - carol@charlotteceliacconnection.org

Ruth Madre, Vice President - ruth@charlotteceliacconnection.org

Amy Levy, Vice President & FaceBook Manager  - amy@charlotteceliacconnection.org

Jesse Mortimore, Vice President & webmaster - jesse@charlotteceliacconnection.org

Marny Mortimore, Vice President - marny@charlotteceliacconnection.org


The Charlotte Celiac Connection Mission:

  • To provide information & support to individuals with Celiac Disease, Gluten Intolerance / Sensitivity or a  Gluten Allergy.  
  • To help family and friends understand our challenges! 
  • To increase public awareness! 

Due to information that we found about the high risk of cross contamination at Fuel Pizza we will not longer be holding our monthly meeting there. We will however still be holding meet ups on the second Saturday of every month. We will be rotating through different places each time though. Check out the events calendar Here for more details.