You will find only books by the leading experts in celiac and gluten intolerance listed!


Celiac Disease:  A Hidden Epidemic
By:  Peter H.R. Green, M.D.
Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University
Rory Jones, Science Writer
Summary: The first authoritative guide on how to properly diagnose, treat and 
manage celiac disease.
Recommendations:  This book comes highly recommended by members of 
the Charlotte Celiac Connection support group.  It is a great reference book 
and covers an abundance of topics and is written in easy to understand 
everyday language (not technical). Book Link

Fast Facts:  Celiac Disease
By:  Alessio Fasno, MD, Director of Mucosal Biology Research Center
Carlo Catassi, MD, Co-Director for Celiac Research
Geoffrey Holmes, MD, Consultant Physician & Gastroenterologist
 This book is written by three international experts and is an 
excellent clinical resource for the primary care team, gastroenterologists in 
training and anyone who wants to know more about this challenging disease. 
The book considers: Celiac disease in all its forms - typical, atypical, silent, 
potential and latent Gluten sensitivity, genetic risk and predisposing 
physiological abnormalities. Book Link

Real Life with Celiac Disease
Troubleshooting and Thriving Gluten Free
By:  Melinda Dennis, MS, RD, LDN and Daniel A. Leffler, MD, MS
The Celiac Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center
Summary: This book helps readers identify if they have undiagnosed celiac 
disease. For those already diagnosed the authors, share their knowledge of 
problems related to celiac disease and gluten-related disorders. Discover 
recommended treatments and lifestyle changes, and their outcomes. Learn 
proper nutritional guidelines and how to eat gluten free even while dining out or 
traveling, how to support a friend or family member and who should be tested 
and much more. Book Link

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