Here are a few magazines that specialize in Gluten free.

Delight gluten free
Published: March - June - September - December
This magazine is truly a delight!  Its images and layout 
is pleasing to the eye and covers a nice assortment of 
information from favorites to Gluten-Free dieting and 
provides a Quick Guide. Index: Featured Articles, 
Enlightenments, Indulges, Healthy Living, Travel & 
Giving Back

Gluten-Free Living
One year subscription includes 6 issues
Learn what you can eat on the gluten-free diet.
Understand which ingredients are safe and which aren't. 
 Prepare gluten-free meals, travel, eat out, raise your 
gluten-free children and much more.


Living Without
A one year subscription includes six issues. Living 
Without features delicious recipes, diet advice and 
invaluable medical information. Gluten Free and Dairy 
Free Recipes / Allergy-Friendly Restaurant Guidance / 
The Latest Research on Allergies / Questions for Your 
Allergist and Doctor / Kids and Allergies / Gluten Free 
Resources / Support New Gluten Free Food Products 
And Much More!

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