Check out some of the smart phone applications that can help make your gluten free lifestyle easier.

Find Me Gluten Free helps you easily eat gluten free. Whether you're Celiac, gluten sensitive, or just on a gluten free diet, easily find restaurants, fast food, bars, cafes, grocery stores and more! Search your current location or a specific address. View menus, call, or get directions for each business. View others' ratings and reviews and submit your own. We're constantly adding businesses, so suggest your favorites. Now also view menus for national chain restaurants. Happy gluten free dining!
Browse and rate popular gluten free products!

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Betty Crocker
Wondering what to make for dinner? Let Betty help. New healthy recipes 
and many gluten-free entries make this one a winner.
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Consmr Barcode Scanner
Want to know the best Supermarket and Drugstore products to buy? Use 
Consmr to browse thousands of ratings and reviews to help you pick better 
products. Just point your iPhone at a barcode to instantly see reviews and 
alternatives for grocery, health, beauty and baby products! You can filter 
on dozens of attributes including gluten-free!
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Gluten Free Fast Food
Which popular fast food restaurants have gluten free products to offer 
you? Find out with Gluten Free Fast Food! This super easy to use resource 
gives you fast access to the information you need, with just a tap to your 
screen. You’ll love this important reference application.
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Gluten Free LifeStyle
Excellent, not only for ingredients of brand-name products, but also for it's 
store-by-store analysis of the "house brands" found in that store. A Must-
Have app for those who, like me, must avoid gluten in our food. Get it!
Appolicious App Link

Gluten-Free Restaurants
You can quickly reference information on your favorite Gluten Free options 
at popular restaurants. Gluten Free Options for: Applebees, Bonefish Grill, 
Red Robin, Chilis, Carrabas, Ruby Tuesday, PF Changs,  Olive Garden, 
Outback, etc.
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Gluten Free Restaurant Cards
from (Coeliac/Celiac Disease) Simple concept: You travel 
someplace where they speak another language that you don’t speak.  You’
re also a celiac or gluten-free and need to tell the waiter about gluten-free. 
What to do? Simply click on the GF Restaurant Cards app and pick the 
language. Show the waiter the message displayed on the screen and it will 
tell them you must eat gluten-free, and briefly explains what that means. 
This is a must-have app for those who love to travel and need to eat GF.
Appolicious App Link

iEatOut Gluten & Allergen Free
You can enter your particular food allergy (e.g. gluten) and this app will tell 
you which things are safe and what should be completely avoided. This is 
an excellent guide for anyone with food sensitivities.
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Is That Gluten Free?  
Hands-down, the best app on the market for staying gluten-free. It's an 
encyclopedia of products that you can eat safely as well as list those you 
must avoid. This app should be on everyone’s Great App short list!
Appolicious App Link

This app is for all of you who love sushi or starting to acquire a taste for it. 
Some of the rolls & pieces contain gluten, so in addition to learning about 
sushi you will learn about sushi in terms of what you can and cannot eat. 
Great app!
Appolicious App Link

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