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If you have just received the celiac diagnosis or other gluten related condition then this page will have all the key documents to help you get started. Start with reading the welcome letter.  Then read the documents under the "Information on Celiac Disease & The Gluten-Free Diet" section to gain a better understanding of your condition and what you need to know in order to manage the diet. Finally, the information under "Local & National Support" will help you get around here locally (for shopping, dining) and on the internet to gain more information.  Welcome to our group...and always keep in mind that managing the gluten-free lifestyle gets easier over time.

Welcome Letter

Information on Celiac Disease & The Gluten-Free Diet

One Step at a Time (GIG)

Quick Start Diet Guide for Celiac Disease (GIG)

Easy Snacks & Meals (GIG)

Celiac Disease (GIG)

Celiac Disease - Gluten Intolerance - Allergy: What's the Difference (GIG)

Could Gluten be Causing your Problem (GIG)

Study Shows 1 in 133 Have Celiac Disease (Alessio Fasano, MD)

NewsRelease Only

Celiac Disease (Peter Green, MD)

Medications (GIG)

Dermatitis Herpetiformis (GIG)

Health benefits of a gluten free diet

Local & National Support Information

Charlotte Shopping

Online Gluten-Free stores

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